Research on a New Access Control Technology


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The term usage control (UCON)[1] is a generalization of access control to cover obligations, conditions, continuity (ongoing controls) and mutability. Traditionally, access control has dealt only with authorization decisions on a subject's access to target resources, and as a consequence of access have not been systematically studied. In this paper we motivate the need for usage control, study a family of ABC models as a core model for usage control and show how it encompasses traditional access control, such as mandatory, discretionary and role-based access control,. In addition, we also discuss architectures that introduce a new reference monitor for usage control and some variations.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 765-767)

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M.L. Li and G.W. Zhang




K. Huang and Y. S. Jian, "Research on a New Access Control Technology", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 765-767, pp. 1858-1862, 2013

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September 2013




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