Precision Grinding Process Design of Twin-Screw Compressor Rotor


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With the accuracy improvement of twin-screw compressor rotor machining, higher requirement of crew rotor grinded equipment and grinding process is put forward. Based the theory of screw grinding and CNC forming grinding wheel dress technology, the relationship between machine working parameters, CNC grinding wheel dressing parameters and screw rotor grinded process parameters are investigated, and the relationship between CNC grinding wheel dressing parameters and the screw rotor grinded process parameters is established, and its formulas are presented to describe the distances between grinding wheel axis and screw rotor axis. Through these formulas, the CNC wheel dressing program could be designed easily, the performance and efficiency of machine would be improved, and especially the machining quality of screw rotor would be enhanced and becomes more stability.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 774-776)

Edited by:

Yun-Hae Kim and Prasad Yarlagadda




Y. Q. Zhao et al., "Precision Grinding Process Design of Twin-Screw Compressor Rotor", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 774-776, pp. 1107-1111, 2013

Online since:

September 2013




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