The Research of Pick Cutting Performance Based on the Fake Rock Wall of the Roadheader Experiment Station


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In order to perfect the theory of coal mine tunnel heavy roadheader experimental system, this paper takes the different function samplings of the experimental station module fake rock wall,by the cutting performance research on the fake rock wall of the roadheader experiment station with pick,finding the pick strength characteristics under cutting the different hard rock walls. In the course of cutting, the actual external load is difficult to obtain and the load characteristics can not correctly grasp. Therefore, this paper establish flexible pick entity model with LS-DYNA, and build the constitutive model of the rock wall on the base of SMOOTHED PARTICLE HYDRODYNAMICS (SPH) METHOD. By simulating the cutting process under three kinds hard rock wall (they are shown in competent coefficient f), we obtain pick carbide tip stress variation and their statistical value. The simulation results show: Pick carbide tip stress concentration is more serious. When f is between 8 and 13, corresponding to the maximum stress value is between 365MPa and 625MPa.And that satisfies the strength requirement. The breakdown is caused by fatigue failure. The conclusion provides a theoretical basis for studying pick breakdown and improving service life.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 774-776)

Edited by:

Yun-Hae Kim and Prasad Yarlagadda




Y. Liu et al., "The Research of Pick Cutting Performance Based on the Fake Rock Wall of the Roadheader Experiment Station", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 774-776, pp. 123-127, 2013

Online since:

September 2013




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