Microstructure and Phase Analysis of La0.8Ba0.2TixMn(1-x)O3 System for Microwave Absorber Material (x = 0 – 0.7)


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The synthesis and characterization of the magnetic materials of La0.8Ba0.2Mn (1-x)TixO3 system (x = 0 0.7) by mechanical alloying process have been performed. This magnetic material is prepared by oxides, namely La2O3, BaCO3, MnCO3 and TiO2. The mixture was milled for 10 h and then sintered at 1000 ° C for 10 h. The refinement results of x-ray diffraction pattern showed that the doping concentration (x < 0.5) was a single phase, which has a structure monoclinic (I12/a1) with lattice parameters a = 5.5169(5) Å, b = 5.5437(5) Å and c = 7.8553(7) Å, = 90o and 89.75(1) o, V = 240.25(4) Å3 and 6.345 gr.cm-3. The microstructure analysis showed that the particle shapes was polygonal with the varied particle sizes distributed homogeneously on the surface of the samples. We concluded that the maximum number of titanium atoms substituting manganese atom is around x ~ 0.43 without changing the structure of this system.



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Akhmad Herman Yuwono




W. A. Adi and A. Manaf, "Microstructure and Phase Analysis of La0.8Ba0.2TixMn(1-x)O3 System for Microwave Absorber Material (x = 0 – 0.7)", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 789, pp. 97-100, 2013

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September 2013




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