Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Lin Wang, Zi Dong Wang, Zhuo Fei Song

Abstract: The vibration band gaps of one dimensional phononic crystal of rod structure consisted of Ti and Rubber were studied using the lumped-mass...

Authors: Ying Song, Yan Liang Du, Bao Chen Sun

Abstract: Measurement of wheel/rail contact forces is of importance. Traditional methods for wheel/rail interaction force measurement all need strain...

Authors: Yuan Sheng Cheng

Abstract: A new procedure, thixo-die-forging of ceramics/metal composite in the pseudo-semi-solid state, has been proposed based on powder metallurgy...

Authors: Feng Yan Li, Zhi Li Zhong

Abstract: The 80Ni20Cr coatings on cotton fabric substrates using the electron beam evaporated deposition are reported to improve the electrical...

Authors: Hua Liu, Chang Ren Zhou

Abstract: Calcium phosphate cement (CPC) sets in situ to form solid hydroxyapatite, can conform to complex cavity shapes without machining, has...

Authors: Xu Ran, Di Zhang, You Quan Xia, Jing He Liu

Abstract: Three fillers i.e. micro glass bead, nano-montmorillonite and graphite at 8wt% were respectively filled into ultrahigh molecular weight...

Authors: You Yan Wang, Hong Bai Bai, Shu Ai Tao

Abstract: Metal rubber material is a new type of elastic and porous material which develops from metal materials. The macro-structure of metal rubber...

Authors: Xin Cheng, Dong Yu Xu, Li Li Guo, Shi Feng Huang

Abstract: 2-2 cement based piezoelectric composite was fabricated using sulphoaluminate cement and lead magnesium niobate-lead zirconate-lead titanate...


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