Thermoelectric Properties of PbTe


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The PbTe has been prepared by pressing and annealing method in argon atmosphere. The PbTe sample was obtained single phase and cubic structure. The Seebeck coefficient, the electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity measured by steady state method and evaluated dimensionless figure merit at room temperature. The values of Seebeck coefficient, the electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and dimensionless figure merit are about -260 µV/K, 3 mΩcm, 0.5 W/m K and ~ 0.35 respectively at 420 K.



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Jiti Nukeaw and Wisanu Pecharapa




S. Phewphong and T. Seetawan, "Thermoelectric Properties of PbTe", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 802, pp. 223-226, 2013

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September 2013




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