Structural Integrity of Welded Structures

Volume 814

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Olga Krivtsova, Alexandr Viventsev, Vitaly Talmazan, Dinislyam Musin, Alexandr Arbuz

Abstract: The influence of used work rolls profiling on the quality of hot rolled metal was studied. The defect non-flatness is the main reason for...

Authors: Miodrag Arsić, Zoran Odanovic, Srdjan M. Bošnjak, Mladen Mladenović, Zoran Savić

Abstract: During the refurbishment of the hydroelectric generating set A6 on HPP Djerdap 1, for the state analysis and assessment of the level and...

Authors: Ionel Olaru

Abstract: Present heat exchangers should ensure very good heat transfer while having as small size, high durability and the optimum performance at low...

Authors: Zoran Odanovic, Miodrag Arsić, Vencislav Grabulov, Mile Djurdjević

Abstract: Metal materials are subjected to innumerable time-dependent degradation mechanisms when operate in power, petrochemical and refinery plant....

Authors: Dan Catalin Birsan, Elena Scutelnicu, Daniel Visan

Abstract: Submerged arc welding is the most applicable and productive procedure when thick sections have to be welded. Nevertheless, the manufacturers...

Authors: Doru Romulus Pascu, Dragos Buzdugan, Sorin Dragoi

Abstract: In many countries, in the industrial practice, the hard layers deposition is used to increase the hardness of the components active zones. A...

Authors: Adriana Arghirescu, Constantin Baciu, Nicanor Cimpoeşu

Abstract: Thermal spraying is composed of a group of processes in order to obtain thin films, where fine powders, metallic or nonmetallic, will be...

Authors: Dragos Dana, Petrică Vizureanu, Ramona Cimpoeşu, Dragos Achiţei

Abstract: In the welding process of metals, two materials are joined by a filler material with low melting point (below 450 °C), also below the...

Authors: Constantin Dulucheanu, Nicolai Bancescu, Traian Severin

Abstract: With this article, the authors present a number of technological characteristics determined for a dual-phase steel with 0.09% C and 1.90%...


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