Dynamic Simulation and Test Verification of PCB with BGA Chipset


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Generally, impact and shock to portable electronic products can cause significant functional and physical damage in the form of internal component failure or package-to-board interconnection breakage. Therefore, this paper provides a dynamic simulation of shock impact to investigate the internal stress and strains of a printed circuit board (PCB) with ball grid array (BGA) chipset. The tin balls will be simulated with a minimum element size as 0.0536 mm in LS-DYNA finite element software. The corresponding strains of dynamic analysis on PCB board will be compared with those of the experimental measurements using the strain gauge. Finally, the model established has values of peak strain and impact duration close to those measured in the actual shock test. The comparison results of the experimental and numerical strain show that the smallest difference is 0.70%. Furthermore, we also investigate the signal curves of experimental error source on the accelerometer and strain gauge. The measurement results show that the capabilities of the repetition and stability both the input signals and output signals are excellent. This result provides researchers in relevant fields with an excellent example and model for further study of PCB with BGA chipsets.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 83-86)

Edited by:

M. S. J. Hashmi, B. S. Yilbas and S. Naher






K. C. Cheng et al., "Dynamic Simulation and Test Verification of PCB with BGA Chipset", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 83-86, pp. 206-213, 2010

Online since:

December 2009




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