Finite-Element Study on Effect of String Tension toward Coefficient of Restitution of a Badminton Racket String-Bed


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Understanding of racket parameters is important for players to gain the best racket which could improve their games performances. This present study was aimed to investigate the effect of string tension toward performance of coefficient of restitution (COR) by neglecting the effect of racket frame stiffness. A finite element simulation of collision between ball and string-bed was performed in Abaqus explicit. The ball was dropped onto the centre of mass (CM) of the string-bed area with different values of string tension. From the results, the increasing values of string tension lead to increase values of COR. This finding will contribute to the enlargement of sweet spot in badminton racket as well as improving the player performances.



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Denni Kurniawan




A. N. Fakhrizal et al., "Finite-Element Study on Effect of String Tension toward Coefficient of Restitution of a Badminton Racket String-Bed", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 845, pp. 417-420, 2014

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December 2013




* - Corresponding Author

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