Functional Nanomaterials and Devices VII

Volume 854

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: O.V. Naumova, B. Fomin, V.P. Popov, Victor Strelchuk, A. Nikolenko, A.N. Nazarov

Abstract: Properties of Si/buried oxide (BOX) systems with bonded interface in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers were studied in this paper. Results...

Authors: V.S. Lysenko, Y.V. Gomeniuk, S.V. Kondratenko, Ye.Ye. Melnichuk, Y.N. Kozyrev, C. Teichert

Abstract: Crystalline germanium nanoclusters (NCs) are grown by a molecular-beam epitaxy technique on chemically oxidized Si (100) surface at 700oC....

Authors: N.P. Garbar, Valeriya N. Kudina, V.S. Lysenko, S.V. Kondratenko, Yu.N. Kozyrev

Abstract: Low-frequency noise of the structures with Ge-nanoclusters of rather high surface density grown on the oxidized silicon surface is...

Authors: Dmitry Osintsev, V. Sverdlov, S. Selberherr

Abstract: We consider the impact of the surface roughness and phonon induced relaxation on transport and spin characteristics in ultra-thin SOI MOSFET...

Authors: Tamara Rudenko, R. Yu, S. Barraud, K. Cherkaoui, P. Razavi, G. Fagas, A.N. Nazarov

Abstract: The electron mobility in highly-doped junctionless (JL) nanowire (NW) silicon-on-isulator (SOI) MOSFETs with various nanowire widths is...

Authors: V.I. Holota, Igor Kogut, Anatoly Druzhinin, Y. Khoverko

Abstract: A structure for single photon detection is analyzed. A special shape of photon detector electrodes on local 3D SOI structure is proposed....

Authors: Anatoly Druzhinin, Yu. Khoverko, Igor Kogut, R. Koretskii

Abstract: The low temperature studies of SOI-structures have been carried out in a temperature range of 4.2÷300K at magnetic fields up to 14T. The...

Authors: A.N. Nazarov, S.O. Gordienko, P.M. Lytvyn, A.A. Stadnik, Y.Y. Gomeniuk, A.V. Vasin, A.V. Rusavsky, T.M. Nazarova, V.S. Lysenko

Abstract: The paper describes emission properties of a new nanostructured material carbon-rich amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) deposited on silicon...

Authors: Andrey Sarikov, M. Voitovych, Igor Lisovskyy, V. Naseka, A. Hartel, D. Hiller, S. Gutsch, M. Zacharias

Abstract: This work is devoted to determination of characteristics of hydrogen effusion from SiH bonds in Si rich silicon oxynitride (SRON) films,...


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