Peculiarities of the Impurity Redistribution under Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation in Silicon


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Ultra-shallow junctions (USJs) were formed by low-energy As ion implantation with the subsequent furnace annealing. It was found that the significant amount of oxygen is redistributed from the silicon bulk to the arsenic-implanted region. We present the effect of oxygen gettering at the creation of arsenic-doped USJs using the marker layer created by ion implantation of 18O isotope.



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Alexei N. Nazarov, Volodymyr S. Lysenko and Denis Flandre




V.G. Litovchenko et al., "Peculiarities of the Impurity Redistribution under Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation in Silicon", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 854, pp. 141-145, 2014

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November 2013




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