Carbon-Rich Nanostructurated a-SiC on Si Heterostructures for Field-Effect Electron Emission


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The paper describes emission properties of a new nanostructured material carbon-rich amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) deposited on silicon wafer. Proposed material technology demonstrates that the field enhancement factor of the electron emission of this material can reach 1000 with the current density of about 1x10-3A/cm2 and efficiency of electron emission ~10%. A good correlation between the charge transfer through the a-SiC layer and electron emission from the material in high vacuum is observed.



Edited by:

Alexei N. Nazarov, Volodymyr S. Lysenko and Denis Flandre




A.N. Nazarov et al., "Carbon-Rich Nanostructurated a-SiC on Si Heterostructures for Field-Effect Electron Emission", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 854, pp. 59-67, 2014

Online since:

November 2013




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