Performance Testing of Pico Hydro Generator for Electricity Generating


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This research paper presents the testing results of the electricity generating from the pico hydro generator, for save in a battery 12 V. A testing of pico crossflow turbine with 0.6 m diameter of wheel and a 20 blades water turbine which has a semi-circle shape at 0.1 m diameter of blade, connected with the generator at gear up ratio of 1:3 and 1:5 respectively, was undertaken. The results from the test run of pico hydro generator by varying flow rate from 60 to 120 L/min at 0.0127, 0.0190 and 0.0254 m diameter of nozzle respectively, showed that the gear ratio between the water wheel and the generator, the diameter of nozzle and the volume flow rate are important variables that affect the electric production. A combination of water flow rate at 120 L/min, 0.0127 m diameter of nozzle and gear ratio of 1:3 gives the maximum electric power of 121.68 watts.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 860-863)

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Qunjie Xu, Yongguang Li and Xiu Yang




Y. Keawsuntia, "Performance Testing of Pico Hydro Generator for Electricity Generating", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 860-863, pp. 1491-1494, 2014

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December 2013




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