Online Decision Support Index System Suite for Limiting Short Circuit Current


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Topology adjustment is a main measure to limit short circuit current, but changes of power grid structure might bring deep impact on power system operation. Measures to limit short circuit current are difficult to apply online due to unable to completely evaluate its safety and feasibility. This paper presents an on-line decision support indicator system, which applied to evaluate online short circuit current level of power grid. Based on practical power grid model and typical cross-section, short circuit current level under the current and future maintenance mode is analyzed, decision support to limit short circuit current is given, and the effectiveness and feasibility of limiting measures are evaluated. Analysis results show that the index system is reasonable.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 860-863)

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Qunjie Xu, Yongguang Li and Xiu Yang




L. W. Wang et al., "Online Decision Support Index System Suite for Limiting Short Circuit Current", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 860-863, pp. 1857-1861, 2014

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December 2013




* - Corresponding Author

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