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Authors: You Shan Wang, Jian Wu, Ben Long Su
Abstract:Aircraft tire is an important subassembly of aircraft, which is related to its safety tightly, especially for civil aircraft. Moreover,...
Authors: Wei Zhou, L.J. Wen, Xiao Xia Zhang, Xi Wang, Ji Li Rong, Hai Bo Jin
Abstract:A type of basalt fibers polymer functional composites embedded with ZnO whiskers was prepared. The as-prepared composites exhibited good...
Authors: Yang Zhang, Li Li, Wai Man Au, Zi Ming Yang, Guan Ru He, Si Xian Deng, Zhuo Hong Yang, Joanne W.Y. Chung, Thomas K.S. Wong
Abstract:In this paper, moxa leaf powder solution microcapsules are firstly prepared by phase separation of ethyl cellulose. The microcapsule granules...
Authors: Shi Jia Chang, Peng Cheng Xie, Xue Tao He, Wei Min Yang
Abstract:A finite element model of temperature field coupled with electromagnetic field has been established based on induction heating theory...
Authors: Xiao Yu Hu, Ying Bo Chen
Abstract:Chemical crosslinker polymer gels were synthesized in situ polymerization of monomers in solvents with crosslinkers. Results showed that the...
Authors: Zhi Wei Jiao, Peng Cheng Xie, Zhi Yun Yan, Wei Min Yang, Xing Tian Wang
Abstract:The performance advantages of the newly full-hydraulic internal circulation two-platen injection molding machine were investigated deeply and...
Authors: Peng Cheng Xie, Bin Du, Zhi Yun Yan, Yu Mei Ding, Wei Min Yang
Abstract:Injection molding visualization is the experimental method of direct observation on the melt filling behavior in the mold cavity. By using...
Authors: Xin De Tang, Nian Feng Han, De Jie Zhou
Abstract:Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) has been employed for the synthesis of a novel amphiphilic fluorinated triblock copolymer...
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