Joint Optimization of the Wind-Pumped Storage System


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To improve the connected-grid wind power quality as well as profit, the pumped storage station is used to configure the wind farm. The economical benefit and deviation models are built as objective functions, the united operation is based on fuzzy multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (FMOEA). In order to outstand method advantages, the results are compared with the consequences from each objective function that are optimized respectively. The analysis shows that a wind farm with a pumped storage station is as a combined system and uses FMOEA, not only improving profit, but also paying attention to reduce deviation so that can achieve the total net profit increase.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 875-877)

Edited by:

Duanling Li, Dawei Zheng and Jun Shi




M. G. Zhang and Y. Hu, "Joint Optimization of the Wind-Pumped Storage System", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 875-877, pp. 1852-1857, 2014

Online since:

February 2014




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