The Resource Efficiency Assessment Technique for the Foundry Production


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The short analysis of the assessment opportunities is presented for the resource efficiency in various industries and particularly in the foundry production. The developed algorithm of carrying out such assessment is presented. It is shown that such algorithm consists of five steps. They are the formation of the evaluating team, the choice of the technology or a product, the analysis of the chain creation of the added value for a technology or a product, the assessment of the current state of the technology or a product, developing the recommendations for the improvement of the efficiency of resources use. This article describes in detail the works, which need to be carried out at each stage of evaluating the resource efficiency. The evaluating map and the criteria are developed for comparing different types of the foundry technologies as well as the map for assessing the current state of the foundry technology. The result of the accomplished assessment with the described algorithm is the developed recommendations on the use of the enterprise resources.



Edited by:

Anna Bogdan




I. G. Vidayev et al., "The Resource Efficiency Assessment Technique for the Foundry Production", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 880, pp. 141-145, 2014

Online since:

January 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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