Microstructure Evolution in a 3%Co Modified P911 Heat Resistant Steel under Creep Conditions


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The microstructural changes in a 3%Co modified P911 heat resistant steel were examined under static annealing and creep at elevated temperatures. The quenched steel was tempered at temperatures ranging from 673 to 1073 K for 3 hours. The temperature dependence of hardness for the tempered samples exhibits the maximum at 723 – 823 K which is associated with the precipitations of fine carbides with an average size of about 20 nm. The transverse lath size of martensitic structure is  200 nm after air quenching and remains unchanged under tempering at temperatures below 800 K. An increase in tempering temperature to 1073 K resulted in hardness drop. Coagulation of carbides and growth of martensitic laths takes place at these temperatures. The creep tests were carried out at 873 and 923 K up to rupture, which occurred after about 4.5 × 103 hours. The structural changes in crept specimens were characterized by the development of coarse laths/subgrains. The mean transverse size of which was  0.67 and  1.3 m after the creep tests at 873 and 923 K, respectively. On the other hand, an average size of second phase particles of  165 nm was observed in the samples tested at both temperatures.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 89-91)

Edited by:

T. Chandra, N. Wanderka, W. Reimers , M. Ionescu




A. Kipelova et al., "Microstructure Evolution in a 3%Co Modified P911 Heat Resistant Steel under Creep Conditions", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 89-91, pp. 295-300, 2010

Online since:

January 2010




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