THERMEC 2009 Supplement

Volumes 89-91

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dimitrios Tsivoulas, Philip B. Prangnell, Christophe Sigli, Bernard Bès

Abstract: The present paper focuses on the influence of combined additions of Zr and Mn on the recrystallisation resistance of aluminium alloy 2198...

Authors: S. Tsutsumi, Hideki Hosoda, Tomonari Inamura, Kenji Wakashima

Abstract: Phase equilibrium and phase constitution of the Au-Cu-Ga-Mn quaternary system at 873 K was studied along the AuMn-Cu2MnGa (=CuMn0.5Ga0.5)...

Authors: Gonzalo Varela-Castro, Jose María Cabrera, Jose Manuel Prado

Abstract: The microstructural control of rolled products is based on managing the austenite phase transformations during and after hot deformation to...

Authors: Thomas Vilaro, V. Kottman-Rexerodt, Marc Thomas, Christophe Colin, P. Bertrand, L. Thivillon, S. Abed, V. Ji, P. Aubry, Patrice Peyre, T. Malot

Abstract: A Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb (at.%) material was fabricated using two laser-based methods, “Selective Laser Melting” (SLM) and “Direct Metal...

Authors: Phuong Vo, Mohammad Jahazi, Steve Yue

Abstract: The recrystallization behaviour of near-alpha titanium alloy IMI834, which is primarily used for high temperature aerospace compressor disc...

Authors: Nathalie Vo Tan Tho, Hervé Willaime, Patrick Tabeling, Farzaneh Arefi-Khonsari, D. Mantovani, Michael Tatoulian

Abstract: Plasma processing has been developed to produce selective chemistry in the inner surface of a microfluidic system. This dry process is an...

Authors: Masato Wakeda, Yoji Shibutani

Abstract: The paper focuses on the characteristic local network structure of icosahedra observed in the relaxed amorphous metals and its contribution...

Authors: Jian Feng Wang, Da Yan Ma, Ke Wei Xu, Ming Liu

Abstract: The Cu-line patterns with different linewidth were deposited by radio-frequency sputtering and defined by photolithography lift-off process....

Authors: H. Wang, Paul A. Colegrove, H.M. Mayer, L. Campbell, J.D. Robson

Abstract: The material constitutive behaviour and microstructure of Aluminium alloys 6082 and 7449 were studied with the Gleeble hot compression test....

Authors: Akihiro Watanabe, Y. Kotani, K. Nishimura, Hisaki Watari, Takanori Yamazaki

Abstract: Characteristic features of elastic deformation of dies and presses during deep drawing were measured to examine the effects of elastic...


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