THERMEC 2009 Supplement

Volumes 89-91

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohamed Soliman, Mehdi Asadi, Heinz Palkowski

Abstract: Dilatometric measurements were used to design the processing parameters of two types of bainitic steels. The first type is a hypoeutectoid...

Authors: Maki Ashida, Takashi Hamachiyo, Kazuhiro Hasezaki, Hirotaka Matsunoshita, Z. Horita

Abstract: A Bi2Te3-based thermoelectric semiconductor was subjected by high pressure torsion (HPT). Sample disks of p-type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3.0 were cut...

Authors: Elisa Battistella, Silvia Mele, S. Pietronave, Ismaela Foltran, G.I. Lesci, Elisabetta Foresti, Norberto Roveri, Lia Rimondini

Abstract: Nature is full of many interesting things to work with, but many natural resources are also protected. In this view the recycling of...

Authors: Sebastjan Žagar, Janez Grum

Abstract: In the paper two aluminium alloys, i.e. 6082 and 7075, which were cold hardened by shot peening under different conditions, are treated....

Authors: Agustín Bravo, Rafael Schouwenaars, Armando Ortiz, Víctor H. Jacobo

Abstract: Severe plastic deformation processes are used to refine grain structure by means of very high deformations. Equivalent Von-Mises strains in...

Authors: E.A. Brocchi, F.J. Moura, I.G. Solórzono, M.S. Motta

Abstract: It is well recognized the importance of nano-structured materials in the present technological stage. Due to their unique properties these...

Authors: Caroline Luis, Monique Gaspérini, Thierry Chauveau

Abstract: This paper focuses on the analysis of the microstructure and of the texture through the sheet thickness after temper rolling of very thin...

Authors: Matteo Caruso, Stéphane Godet

Abstract: Eutectoid steels present a wide range of interesting mechanical properties (high strength, wear resistance, ductility and toughness) and...

Authors: Chun Y. Chan, Philip B. Prangnell, Simon J. Barnes

Abstract: Friction Stir Processing (FSP) has potential for locally enhancing the properties of Al-Si alloy castings, for demanding applications within...

Authors: G.R. Chang, Fei Ma, B. Ma, Ke Wei Xu

Abstract: An in-situ investigation was performed on the stress relaxation of sandwiched Si3N4/Al/Si3N4 thin films by using multi-beam optical stress...


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