THERMEC 2009 Supplement

Volumes 89-91

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Te Hua Fang, Win Jin Chang, Haw Long Lee, Sie Jhan Wu

Abstract: Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation with a tight-binding potential is used to studied the mechanical behaviors of nanoimprinted Cu-Ni alloys...

Authors: C. Chen, Cheng Jia Shang, J.Y. Weng, Dong Yang Li

Abstract: The inside corrosion of failed automotive mufflers collected in China was investigated and the composition of the automotive exhaust gas...

Authors: Bong Jae Choi, Kyung Eui Hong, Jeong Il Youn, Young Jig Kim

Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to evaluate the wear resistance of titanium matrix composites (TMCs). Reinforcements, TiB and TiC, were...

Authors: Chun Feng, Bing Zhe Bai, Y.K. Zheng, Hong Sheng Fang

Abstract: The effect of four different niobium(From 0-0.1%) addition on the mechanical properties of allotriomorphic ferrite (FGBA)/ granular bainite...

Authors: Marjorie Foix, Cédric Guyon, Michael Tatoulian, Patrick Da Costa

Abstract: The preparation of automotive catalysts and commercial oxidation catalysts in stationary sources use a large amount of noble metal...

Authors: E. Dalgaard, Frederik Coghe, L. Rabet, Mohammad Jahazi, Priti Wanjara, John J. Jonas

Abstract: The linear friction welding (LFW) behavior of Ti-6Al-4V, a commercial α + β titanium alloy, was investigated using oscillation frequencies...

Authors: Sylvain Dancette, Véronique Massardier-Jourdan, Jacques Merlin, Damien Fabrègue, Thomas Dupuy

Abstract: Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) are key materials in the conception of car body structures, permitting to reduce their weight while...

Authors: Guillaume Da Rold, Cédric Guyon, Siméon Cavadias, Jacques Amouroux

Abstract: During the atmospheric re-entry phase, the thermal protection of a spacecraft vehicle is submitted to air plasma. The transfer of the...

Authors: Frederico de Castro Magalhães, Antonio Eustaquio de Melo Pertence, Haroldo Béria Campos, Maria Teresa Paulino Aguilar, Paulo Roberto Cetlin

Abstract: Surface defects are an inevitable characteristic of the raw material employed in the drawing of copper wires. These defects may cause...

Authors: Maria Laura De Bellis, Daniela Addessi, Vincenzo Ciampi, Achille Paolone

Abstract: A multi-scale nonlinear homogenization procedure is presented for the analysis of the in-plane structural response of masonry panels...


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