THERMEC 2009 Supplement

Volumes 89-91

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hye Youn Lee, Masahiko Demura, Y. Xu, Dang Moon Wee, Toshiyuki Hirano

Abstract: Evolution of surface morphology in Ni(γ)/Ni3Al(γ´) two-phase foil of binary Ni-18 at.%Al was examined during the electrochemically selective...

Authors: Jung Goo Lee, J.C. Yun, Jai Sung Lee, C.J. Choi

Abstract: Calciothermic reduction-diffusion (CRD) method was employed to prepare the Sm2Fe17 powder. By using CRD method, single-phase Sm2Fe17 powders...

Authors: Sung Ho Lee, Akiko Obata, Toshihiro Kasuga

Abstract: SrO-containing calcium phosphate invert glasses, (60-x)CaO∙xSrO∙30P2O5∙7Na2O∙3TiO2 (mol%, x = 0 ~ 60), which are expected to inhibit bone...

Authors: Ze Qin Liang, Da Tong Zhang, Cheng Qiu, Wen Zhang, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: The high mechanical properties in 7xxx aluminum alloy are obtained by controlling the precipitation hardening microstructure. In this work,...

Authors: Wellington Lopes, Elaine Carballo Siqueira Corrêa, Haroldo Béria Campos, Maria Teresa Paulino Aguilar, Paulo Roberto Cetlin

Abstract: The strain paths followed by metals during sheet forming can be quite complex, especially when successive forming steps are involved. The...

Authors: Loïc Malet, Pascal J. Jacques, Stéphane Godet

Abstract: The orientation relationships that apply to the fcc (γ) – bcc (α) phase transformation in high-performance hot-rolled TRIP-aided steels were...

Authors: Daisuke Maruoka, Yoku Sato, Makoto Nanko

Abstract: Crack-healing effectiveness of nano-Ni+SiC co-dispersed Al2O3 hybrid materials by heat treatment was studied as well as oxidation behavior. ...

Authors: S. Meka, R.E. Schacherl, E. Bischoff, Eric J. Mittemeijer

Abstract: Employing NH3/H2 gas mixtures, Fe-4.65at% Al alloy specimens were nitrided to assess how the presence of Al, originally dissolved in the...

Authors: S. Mineta, Shigenobu Namba, Takashi Yoneda, Kyosuke Ueda, Takayuki Narushima

Abstract: Microstructural changes occurring in biomedical Co-Cr-Mo alloys with three carbon levels due to solution treatment and aging were...

Authors: Toshihiko Sasaki, Yohei Miyazawa, Masanari Yoshida, Kazuto Fukuda

Abstract: In this study, the authors made an experiment to observe the residual stress state in the surface of the engineered parts (for example,...


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