THERMEC 2009 Supplement

Volumes 89-91

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Chang Qu, Hiroyuki Toda, Hui Zhang, L. Qian, M. Sakaguchi, Masakazu Kobayashi, Kentaro Uesugi

Abstract: 3D fatigue crack opening and propagation behaviors in an Al-Mg-Si alloy have been investigated in this study. A combined methodology of an...

Authors: Ronald Rebentisch, Regina Lange, Ulrich Beck

Abstract: For medical implant application of metals or alloys, one major prerequisite is the absence of release of metal ions to the surrounding...

Authors: Lorella Ceschini, Alessandro Morri, Fabio Rotundo, Tea Sung Jun, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: The aim of the present work is to evaluate the possibility of using the Linear Friction Welding (LFW) technique to produce similar and...

Authors: Mathew T. Rush, Paul A. Colegrove, Z. Zhang, B. Courtot

Abstract: The nickel-base superalloy Rene 80 is considered very susceptible to liquation and strain-age cracking. Material in the solutionised...

Authors: Sunao Sadamatsu, Masaki Tanaka, Kenji Higashida, Kenji Kaneko, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, S. Hata, M. Honda

Abstract: Crack tip dislocations and dislocations introduced by three point-bending tests at high temperature are observed by combinating scanning...

Authors: Christian Sarra-Bournet, Karine Vallières, Nicolas Gherardi, Stephane Turgeon, Francoise Massines, Gaetan Laroche

Abstract: Functionalized plasma polymer thin films were obtained in a dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure in an atmosphere of N2 and...

Authors: Paolo Deodati, Roberto Montanari, Ludovica Rovatti, Nadia Ucciardello, Andrea Carosi

Abstract: Internal friction (IF) and dynamic modulus measurements on a high nitrogen (0.8 wt%) austenitic steel in the temperature range from room...

Authors: Stephan Scheriau, Thomas Schöberl, Siegfried Kleber, Reinhard Pippan

Abstract: The microstructural evolution, the changes in microhardness and the recrystallization behavior of a modified 316L stainless steel were...

Authors: Franziska Schmidt, Zahra Ghalanbor, Frank Thormann, Markus Kühbacher, Roland Bodmeier, Ulrich Gross, Helmut Schubert, Rolf Zehbe

Abstract: Restoring peripheral nerve trauma is an important research field in regenerative medicine. One therapeutical approach is to use tissue...

Authors: J. Sheng, U. Welzel, Eric J. Mittemeijer

Abstract: The stress evolution during diffusion annealing of Ni-Cu bilayers (individual layer thicknesses of 50 nm) was investigated employing ex-situ...


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