Simulation of Voltage Scaling Aware Mobile Battery Charge Controller Sensor on FPGA


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In this work, we are using Voltage Scaling as energy efficient technique to make energy efficient MBCCS. In MBCCS, whenever voltage or current of battery will under the threshold level the battery will continuing the charge if more than voltage or current threshold then battery will invoke Ring Overcharge Alarm. In Voltage Scaling, we scale down supply voltage from 1V to 0.1V, where 0.9V, 0.8V, 0.7V, 0.6V, 0.5V, 0.4V, 0.3V and 0.2V are intermediate supply voltage value. There is 92.72%, 87.50%, 98.77% and 68.24% reduction in Clock Power, Logic Power, Signal Power and IO Power on 1 THz device operating frequency when voltage is scale down from 1V to 0.1V with step size of 0.1V.



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Katsuyuki Kida




S.M. M. Islam et al., "Simulation of Voltage Scaling Aware Mobile Battery Charge Controller Sensor on FPGA", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 893, pp. 798-802, 2014

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February 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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