Comparison of Young's Modulus Property Determination of Metallic Materials under Two Statistical Analysis Methods


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This paper presents an alternative statistical signal analysis method to characterise and determine Youngs modulus property of metallic materials. For this characterisation purpose, we propose an alternative method called Integrated Kurtosis-based Algorithm for Z-notch filter (I-kazTM) and Mesokurtosis Zonal Nonparametric (M-Z-N). Impulsive excitation test has been performed according to ASTM E1876 on three metallic materials of medium carbon steel S50C, stainless steel AISI 304 and brass to measure the piezoelectric and acoustic signals. The transient acoustic signal has been analysed using M-Z-N analysis while I-kazTM has been used to analyse the impulsive piezoelectric signal. Correlation expression between Youngs modulus property and the calculated statistical parameters has been discussed and the accuracy of these two methods has been identified using cast iron FCD 500 specimen.



Edited by:

Zhihua Guo and Jie Xu




M. Z. Nuawi et al., "Comparison of Young's Modulus Property Determination of Metallic Materials under Two Statistical Analysis Methods", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 894, pp. 186-191, 2014

Online since:

February 2014




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