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Authors: Yan Gui Yu
Abstract:This paper offers some new calculating equations on the small crack growth rate for describing the elastic-plastic behavior of materials...
Authors: B. Wang, Guo Xing Lu
Abstract:An experimental study was conducted to investigate the dynamic strength of steel welds under high strain rate loadings. Flow stresses of both...
Authors: Cheng Yan, Lin Ye, L.L. Yan, L. Lu, M.O. Lai, Yiu Wing Mai
Authors: J.B. Kim
Abstract:The paper describes the combined influences of the forward sabot diameter, sabot modulus, and L/D on the stress of the projectile rod...
Authors: Shu Hong Wang, Chun An Tang, Yong Bin Zhang, Lian Chong Li
Abstract:Masonry structure is heterogeneous and has been widely used in building and construction engineering. The study on cracking pattern of...
Authors: Tian Hong Yang, Leslie George Tham, S.Y. Wang, Wan Cheng Zhu, Lian Chong Li, Chun An Tang
Abstract:A numerical model is developed to study hydraulic fracturing in permeable and heterogeneous rocks, coupling with the flow and failure...
Authors: H.K. Lee, G.E. Yang, Hong Gun Kim
Abstract:Residual stress distribution and surface molding state of polymeric materials are presented for thin-walled injection molding. The residual...
Authors: Wan Xie Zhong, Gui-Xiang Fang, Wei-An Yao
Abstract:Based on the Pro-Hellinger-Reissner variational principle of plane couple stress problem, the dual PDEs are proposed corresponding to the...
Authors: Yongping Feng, Junzhi Cui
Abstract:The two-scale asymptotic expression and error estimations based on two-scale analysis (TSA) are presented for the solution of the increment...
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