Smart Fan Controller Add-On (SMAFAC) for Home Ceiling Fan for Home Power Optimization


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The rising electricaltariff for domestic usage is a well-known issue due to the increase ofpopulation and the scarce of the natural resources to generate the powersupplies. One of the common appliances which can be found in medium householdis the AC fan (table and ceiling) which is manually in operation to control thespeed. It contributes up to 10% of domestic household power consumption.Malaysia, a tropical country with temperature constantly drops from midnight tomorning from 32 °C to 27 °C. This paper presents an innovation of a SmartController Fan (SMAFAC) as a universal external controller as add-on toautomatically controlling the existing ceiling fan speed. It is designed basedon a microcontroller based system which using the temperature sensor as aninput and automatically trigger and control the capacitor fan regulator circuitto control the speed of the fan. The circuit is designed to interface with thecapacitor fan regulator, thus could reduce the power consumption approximatelyat 27% from 12am to 7am for 30 days.



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Ahmad Razlan Yusoff and Ismed Iskandar




Z. Md Sani et al., "Smart Fan Controller Add-On (SMAFAC) for Home Ceiling Fan for Home Power Optimization", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 903, pp. 227-232, 2014

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February 2014




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