Position Tracking of Pneumatic Actuator with Loads by Using Predictive and Fuzzy Logic Controller


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This paper presented two control approaches for position control of a pneumatic actuator, which are Generalized Predictive Controller (GPC) and Proportional-Derivative Fuzzy Logic Controller (PD-Fuzzy). Both controllers are designed using MATLAB/Simulink platform. The simulation results are then validated with real-time experiment. In order to test the controller's performance, external load is used and the results for both controllers are compared and analyzed. Results for both controllers show high accuracy and fast response for position tracking.



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Ahmad Razlan Yusoff and Ismed Iskandar




A. A. Mohd Faudzi et al., "Position Tracking of Pneumatic Actuator with Loads by Using Predictive and Fuzzy Logic Controller", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 903, pp. 259-266, 2014

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February 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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