Key Engineering Materials - Development and Application

Volume 911

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Jun Qiao, Hang Shan Gao, Fu Sheng Wang, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: The present study aimed at obtaining torsional stiffness, bending stiffness and stiffness center position of full composite wing using thin...

Authors: H. Suherman, J. Sahari, A.B. Sulong, S. Astuti, E. Septe

Abstract: Epoxy resin (EP) composites including carbon black (CB) and graphite (G) were produced and investigate. The in-plane electrical conductivity...

Authors: Abdullah Farah Dina, Sa’ad Siti Zaleha, Bonnia Noor Najmi, Ibrahim Nor Azowa

Abstract: This study focuses on the influence of surface treatment and fibre sizes on mechanical behavior, physical properties and morphology of rice...

Authors: Abdul Hakim Abdullah, Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Razali, Muhd Azimin A. Ghani

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of moisture absorption towards thermal modulus evaluation of Arenga Pinnata fibre reinforced epoxy...

Authors: Jul Endawati, Lilian Diasti

Abstract: Wood fiber has long been known as fiber reinforcement for concrete . Because of the availability and low cost of production, natural fiber...

Authors: Vít Petranek, Lenka Nevřivová, Dana Zezulova, Sergey Guziy

Abstract: In this paper various thermal energy storage mechanisms are overviewed. Furthermore, the effectiveness of three insulating materials based...

Authors: Aein Afina Mohd Redzuan, Noor Najmi Bonnia, Nurul Shakirah Shuhaimen

Abstract: The influences of surface treatment on kenaf fibre for rubber toughened polyester filled carbon black (CB) and kenaf hybrid composite were...

Authors: Muhammad Aqif Adam, Alawi Sulaiman, Che Mohd Som Said, Ayub M. Som, Azhari Samsu Bahruddin, Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar

Abstract: Palm oil industry produces huge amount of oil palm decanter cake (OPDC). Currently it is not yet commercialized however due to its...

Authors: Haryadi, Y.B. Gunawan, S.P. Mursid, D. Haryogi

Abstract: Nafion/Silica hybrid membranes were prepared via in situ solgel method for redox flow battery (RFB) system. In this work, a novel...


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