Organic Intercalation of Kaolinite in Coal Bearing Strata


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With XRD and IR, the authors conducted studies on the intercalation of acrylamide and salts of fatty acids in kaolinite of coal-bearing strata and its stability. The acrylamaide and the salts of fatty acids were successfully intercalated into kaolinite by virtue of polar organic complexes, which acted the part of entrainer. The basic spacing changed from origin value of 0.718nm to 1.122nm and 1.132nm respectively after the intercalation was perfectly accomplished in kaolinite. The phenomenon that organic complexes are intercalated into kaolinite and form a stable interlayer is probably related to the formation of hydrogen bonds between the inner-surface hydroxyls and the intercalated molecules.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 915-916)

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Yun-Hae Kim




S. L. Ding et al., "Organic Intercalation of Kaolinite in Coal Bearing Strata", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 915-916, pp. 1113-1117, 2014

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April 2014




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