Co-Precipitation Synthesis and Optimization Process for LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2


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With the acetates of nickel, manganese and cobalt as raw materials and lithium hydroxide as precipitation agent, the precursor Ni1 / 3 Co1 / 3 Mn1 / 3 (OH) 2 was first prepared by chemical coprecipitation method, which was then mixed and ballmilled with certain stoichiometric ratios of LiOH∙H2O, and ultimately obtained LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3O2 after calcination process. Single-factor experiment method, in conjunction with XRD, SEM, and charge-discharge test, was utilized to study the influence of various factors, including the dispersion way of precursor, pH value of reaction solution, and the content of ballmilling lithium on the electrochemical properties of LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3O2. The results indicated that: (1) the material dispersed by ultrasonic treatment revealed excellent cycling performance, its ratio of capacity fading decreased at least 34.1% compared to those without ultrasonic process; (2) the optimum conditions of fabricating LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3O2 may be summarized as the treatment of ultrasonic dispersion, suitable pH value (12~13) and stoichiometric ratio (1.0) of ballmilling lithium.



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Yuexin Han






P. X. Zhang et al., "Co-Precipitation Synthesis and Optimization Process for LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 92, pp. 55-64, 2010

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January 2010




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