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Authors: Yong Tian Wang
Abstract:In this paper we describe the synthesis of nanocrystalline boron nitride (BN) with a hollow morphology by the reaction of NH4BF4 and NaNH2 at...
Authors: Yu Liang An, Qing Yi Hou, Xia Yuan, Gang Zhang
Abstract:A novel and practical route for preparing carbon coating metal nanomaterials using polyvinyl alcohol as the starting materials was presented....
Authors: Han Ping Zhang, Xiao Li Wang, Xu Ming Wang, Sheng Jian, Qun Zhao
Abstract:The run-of-mine of complex lead-zinc ores in Yunnan contains 3.26% lead and 2.54% zinc. When traditional selective flotation flowsheet was...
Authors: Xiang Zhong Ren, Li Zhang, Ying Kai Jiang, Pei Xin Zhang, Jian Hong Liu, Qian Ling Zhang
Abstract:AgCl@polypyrrole(PPy) nanocomposites were synthesized through in situ chemical oxidation polymerization by using poly(vinylpyrrolidane) (PVP)...
Authors: Yong Tian Wang
Abstract:Thermal reduction process has been employed for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), during which ether was used as carbon source and...
Authors: Yi Min Zhu, Yue Xin Han, Guo Liang Liu
Abstract:A precipitation-pyrolysis process was used for the synthesis of cubic nano-MgO powder. The main effect factors on the size and shape of...
Authors: Jian Guang Xu, Shi Bo Guo, Jian Hui Yan, Da Gong Zhang
Abstract:Si3N4 particle reinforced MoSi2 composite powder has been successfully synthesized combustion synthesis method. XRD and SEM results showed...
Authors: Li Xia Li, Yue Xin Han, Li Mei Bai
Abstract:CaCO3 whiskers were synthesized with soluble phosphates by one-step carbonization method, controlling mechanisms were investigated via XRD...
Authors: Pei Xin Zhang, Mu Chong Lin, Qiu Hua Yuan, Zhen Zhen Fan, Xiang Zhong Ren, Dong Yun Zhang
Abstract:With the acetates of nickel, manganese and cobalt as raw materials and lithium hydroxide as precipitation agent, the precursor Ni1 / 3 Co1 /...
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