Photoactivity of TiO2 Films on Glass Substrate for Cyanide Degradation


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A comparative study of TiO2 films on glass substrates produced by sol- gel dip coating technique using two types of titania precursors were performed. The two types of titania solutions with and without triton x-100, poly (ethylene glycol) were used to prepare the films. The dip coated films were dried at 55°C and calcined at 400 - 600°C for 4 hrs resulting in smooth and transparent TiO2 films. Morphology and phases of the films were investigated using SEM and XRD, respectively. Anatase phase was found to be dominant in all samples with various degree of crystallinity depending on the calcination temperatures and whether the templating agents were used. The templating agent was found to effectively inhibit the crystallization and growth of the crystallites of the films. Morphology of the TiO2 particles was found to be in the nanoscale level. All films fabricated were found to effectively degrade cyanide even though no obvious relations between processing method including calcinations temperature and the use of template were found.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 93-94)

Edited by:

S. Suttiruengwong and W. Sricharussin






C. Junin et al., "Photoactivity of TiO2 Films on Glass Substrate for Cyanide Degradation", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 93-94, pp. 87-90, 2010

Online since:

January 2010




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