X-Ray Analysis of Residual Stress in Weld Region of X70 Pipeline Steel


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X-ray diffraction method has been used to analyze the residual stress distribution in weld region of an X70 pipeline steel before and after heat treatment. The welding process has been realized by industrial arc welding with circular weld seams. The effect of heat treatments on the level and the distribution of residual stresses were investigated. Stress distribution was characterized by relative high compressive stresses in weld seam just after welding. However, residual stress relaxation phenomenon was observed in weld region after heat treatments due to microstructure restoration and recrystalization. Optical microscope observation and Vickers hardness measurements were also realized as complementary microstructure characterization techniques.



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Zhang Mei




Z. Boumerzoug et al., "X-Ray Analysis of Residual Stress in Weld Region of X70 Pipeline Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 936, pp. 2011-2016, 2014

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June 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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