Study on Tensile and Impact Performance for the MWCNTs/EP Composite


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In this paper, multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)/epoxy resins (EP) composite was prepared by situ polymerization. MWCNTs/EP composites were prepared with different content of MWCNTs. The study of morphology and properties showed certain content of MWCNTs can well homogeneous dispersed in EP. Since of interface interaction between MWCNTs and EP, the glass transition temperature (Tg), strength and toughness of MWCNTs/EP composites were improved. Compared to the neat EP, composites prepared with 10 wt% MWCNTs showed 20 °C rising in Tg and nine orders of magnitude reduce in volume resistivity. The percolation thresholds between 4 wt% and 6 wt% are observed. Compared to the neat EP, composites prepared with 6 wt% MWCNTs showed with 83 % increase in tensile strength, 83 % increase in elastic modulus and 89 % increase in impact strength.



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Zhang Mei




F. Yan et al., "Study on Tensile and Impact Performance for the MWCNTs/EP Composite", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 936, pp. 390-393, 2014

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June 2014




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