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Authors: F. Witte, Amir Eliezer, S. Cohen
Abstract:New interest in magnesium alloys as temporary biomaterials was reborn in the recent years. Especially metals based on physiological trace...
Authors: Lavinia Tofan, Carmen Păduraru, Laura Bulgariu, Rodica Wenkert
Abstract:In last years there is paid a special attention to the analytical chemistry of platinic metals (rhutenium, osmium, platinum, iridium,...
Authors: Amir Eliezer, F. Witte
Abstract:High rates of degradation in corrosive media represent the Achilles heel of Mg alloys, which hinders their applications in various areas,...
Authors: Stefano P. Trasatti
Abstract:This paper summarizes the results of various attempts to implement a neural network for solving corrosion problems. The first activity was...
Authors: Benjamin Valdez, Michael Schorr
Abstract:Desalination is a viable solution to the 21th century´s shortage of freshwater. The most widely used desalination processes are thermal and...
Authors: Margarito Quintero-Núñez, Benjamin Valdez, Michael Schorr
Abstract:There is a deep universal concern today about the influence of pollutants on the environment including soil, air and in particular water, and...
Authors: Carl Edward Cross, P. Xu, D. Eliezer, Guy Ben-Hamu
Abstract:Arc welds were made on wrought AZ31 magnesium plate using a variable polarity gas-tungsten arc process with AZ61 filler wire. The aluminum...
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