Design Method and Parameters Matching of Electric Motors for Hybrid Construction Equipment


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Design methods of electric motors and reasonable parametric design principles for hybrid electric construction equipments are proposed. In accordance with the power performance, economical efficiency and electric transmission features of construction equipments, the new design method of electric motors which is an advanced application-centric design process are analyzed, and the design theory and calculation method of main parameters are discussed, so that theoretical basis is provided for the research and design of new electric drive construction equipments. Parametric design of a typical dozer drive train is conducted applied the proposed new design method and calculation method. Major components of the power train are modeled using the simulation software Simulink. Based on power track control strategy, the simulation results show that the proposed new design method and parameter design theory of electric motors for hybrid construction equipments are reasonable. It has significance in both theory and practice for the research and development of hybrid electric drive construction equipments.



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Dehuai Zeng




F. W. Meng and Y. B. Hu, "Design Method and Parameters Matching of Electric Motors for Hybrid Construction Equipment", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 950, pp. 160-164, 2014

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June 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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