A New Testing System for Air Ion: Static Ion Testing System


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The static ion testing system is designed to evaluate air ion concentration for functional materials. It is mainly composed of following parts, collector, data-conversion device and output terminal. The testing system can test negative air ion and positive air ion, which can be tested depends on the electrical field of the collector. The software of output terminal can store all the testing process information in the output terminal. In order to scientifically test the air ion concentration, the whole testing system are designed without any dynamic device. With the whole design, the static ion testing system fulfills automatically and accurately works without technician’s supervision. The system also automatically records the testing process, maps the variation curves, and analyzes the testing results.



Edited by:

Jinsheng Liang and Lijuan Wang






J. M. Wang et al., "A New Testing System for Air Ion: Static Ion Testing System", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 96, pp. 257-260, 2010

Online since:

January 2010




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