Advance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry

Volume 96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Chen, Ye Ling Jin

Abstract: The formation process of silver nanoparticles promoted by ultraviolet has been investigated by on-line UV-vis spectroscopy and transmission...

Authors: Ya Nan Wang, Jin Sheng Liang

Abstract: Treated coal powder is prepared by dipping dyeing-printing wastewater into coal powder from DaTong, China. Effects of the amount of...

Authors: Ai Hong Guo, Fu Sheng Wang, Bao Gui Zhang

Abstract: The hypophosphorous acid was achieved with the electrodialysis, which comprises a Ti-PbO2 anode, a stainless steel cathode and an aqueous...

Authors: Li Jun Han, Yong Quan Chai, Chang Qing Jin

Abstract: . The accurate first-principle method was used to calculate the electronic structures of the four boride superconductors. Their DOS (the...

Authors: Jun Feng Su, Wen Long Xia, Wen Li, Ke Man Jin

Abstract: The aim of the present work was to investigate the moisture sensitivity of soy protein isolate (SPI) films blending with poly (vinyl...

Authors: Jun Feng Su, Sheng Bao Wang, Zhen Huang

Abstract: The aim of the present work was to fabricate heat energy storage microcapsules, which could be used in indoor-wall materials as...

Authors: Lin Rui Hou, Chang Zhou Yuan

Abstract: We report the synthesis of the taper-like BiVO4 nanorods by employing a solid-state grinding synthetic strategy. The X-ray diffraction (XRD)...

Authors: Xiu Li Liu, Lin Zhao, She Jiang Liu, Lu Hua You

Abstract: Two kinds of new immobilized bio-beads in gel were produced with calcium alginate, polyvinyl alcohol and activated carbon fiber. Scanning...

Authors: Jing Wang, Zhi Jiang Ji, Zhong He Shui, Xiao Yan Wang, Nan Ding, Hai Jian Li

Abstract: The effects of P25 TiO2 made by DEGUSSA and one kind nano-titanium dioxide made by a certain company in China (Expressed by Tc) on...

Authors: Hai Feng Liu, Tong Jiang Peng, Hong Juan Sun, Liang Fan, Boa Gang Guo

Abstract: In order to improve the gas sensitivity of SnO2, Ni-doped and Co-doped nano-powders were prepared by the homogenous co-precipitation method...


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