Advance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry

Volume 96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Xue, Yan Qing Wang, Lei Zhang, Xue Fang Zhang

Abstract: The far infrared radiance tourmaline composite materials have been successfully prepared. From the XRD results, the composite materials were...

Authors: Hao Ding, Xia Xu, Ning Liang

Abstract: Zn2+/stilbite composite particles material was prepared by stilbite carrying Zn2+ and solidifying Zn2+ stably using natural stilbite as...

Authors: Wen Bo Wang, Ai Qin Wang

Abstract: Utilization of natural polymer as matrix for preparing hydrogels can improve the performance of the materials and render them...

Authors: Pan Wang, Si Hui Zhan, Hong Bing Yu

Abstract: Using solid acid catalyst for the levulinic acid (LA) production from cellulose is one of the promising methods for utilization of biomass....

Authors: Yin Ma, Qing Shan Li, You Bo Di, Min Zhang

Abstract: Superfine wool surface texture changed after the processing with biochemistry technology. Its fiber thinness and friction effect reduce, the...

Authors: Guang Chuan Liang, Jin Sheng Liang, Li Juan Wang, Hong Biao Zhang

Abstract: The application of ionic functional materials for energy saving and emission reduction in China was introduced in this paper. Firstly, the...

Authors: Yu Zhi Liu, Hai Long An, Jun Wei Li, Su Hua Zhang, Yong Zhan, Hai Lin Zhang

Abstract: M-current plays an important role in the regulation of neuronal excitability and stabilizing the membrane potential. KCNQ2 and KCNQ3...

Authors: Tie Zhang, Chun Guang Wang, Wei Han, Dong Bin Zhu, Xing Hua Zhao, He Xin, Xiu Hui Zhong

Abstract: Thirty-eight isolates of Escherichia coli (E.coli) were isolated from chickens either ill or dead suspected with E.coli. These chickens come...

Authors: Li Juan Wang, Jin Sheng Liang, Wen Bo Xu, Xue Huan Qin

Abstract: A series of surface physicochemical properties were studied which could provide theory basis for the research of easy-cleaning ceramic. The...

Authors: Hong Juan Sun, Ying Liu, Tong Jiang Peng, Hai Feng Liu, Jin Mei Sun

Abstract: A series of polyaniline/vermiculite nanocomposites was synthesized. The interlayer space of vermiculite was initially increased by the...


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