Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Jia, Ya Nan Jiao

Abstract: This research dealt with the impact properties of glass fiber reinforced composites manufactured from different structures of...

Authors: Gui Yu Li, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Wei Dong Li, Liang Yu Song

Abstract: In the present study, the finite element model of machining carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites with representative fiber...

Authors: Hao Yuan Guan, Xiao Cheng Yang, Sheng Ming Jin, Min Yang

Abstract: TiO2/Ti-Al-MCM-41 (TAM) with high Ti content (Si/Ti=6.2) was prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of TiCl4 on Al-MCM-41 at low...

Authors: Rui Ying Zhang, Zhi Ming Shi, Ri Chang Huo

Abstract: TiC-Al2O3 particles were fabricated in situ by contact reaction(CR) in an Al–Ti2O–C system. The reaction behavior and formation path of...

Authors: Xiao Li Huang, Gao Hui Wu

Abstract: The electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness (EMISE) properties are measured using coaxial cable method in the frequency range...

Authors: Qi Zhong Huang, Ming Fa Ren, Hao Ran Chen

Abstract: This article demonstrates the co-curing process for AGS plate. Based on the phenomenological models of resin flow and cure kinetic, the...

Authors: Dong Hun Kim, Riichi Murakami, Yun Hae Kim, Kyung Man Moon, Seung Jung An, Tae Hyum Kim, Pang Pang Wang

Abstract: In order to study the characteristics of multilayer thin films with a ZnO/ metal/ ZnO structure the manufacture of the thin films was...

Authors: Yun Hae Kim, Dong Hun Yang, Chang Won Bae, Kyung Man Moon, Young Dae Jo, Sung Won Yoon, Hee Beom An

Abstract: This study investigated a flow rate control system for the vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process. Using Darcy’s equation,...

Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Hang Lu, Hua Tan, Zhong Qi Qiu

Abstract: In this paper, the permeability of fiber fabric used in liquid composite molding (LCM) is predicted by the method of numerical simulation....

Authors: Yao Dai, Peng Zhang, Zhao Quan Zheng, Wei Tan

Abstract: The exponential and power material functions are often applied to functionally gradient materials (FGM). Obviously, it is of fundamental...


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