Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Gang Hou, Jun Zhao, Li Qiang Xu, Zhong Guo

Abstract: The friction coefficient on rake face was calculated through the cutting forces tested in a series of cutting experiments. These experiments...

Authors: Guang Jun Chen, Xian Li Liu, Cai Xu Yue

Abstract: There are many special cutting disciplines needed to research in precision hard cutting process. The plastic side flow on machining surface...

Authors: Ye Feng Liu, Hua Zhang, Huan Huan Zhao, Yu Lin Cai, Jun Yao, Hai Tao Huang

Abstract: Cooling-air grinding is one of important green grinding technology. Cooling-air grinding performances for 40Cr are tested in this paper...

Authors: Xiao Cun Xu, Jian Wei Han, Yan Gang He, Hui Qiu, Zhe Jun Yuan

Abstract: Since almost large die surfaces are free-form surfaces, currently, almost all of large die surfaces are manually polished, causing low...

Authors: Chun Zheng Duan, Min Jie Wang, Tao Dou

Abstract: The microstructure observation and microhardness measurement were performed on the adiabatic shear bands in primary shear zone in the...

Authors: Xue Feng Bi, Gautier List, G. Sutter, A. Molinari, Yong Xian Liu

Abstract: Wear modeling makes it possible to predict the evolution of wear profile and explain wear mechanism from process variables, such as...

Authors: Yu Yan Jiang, Yi Jian Huang, Xiu Cheng Ye

Abstract: This paper presents the use of vibration analysis based on autoregressive (AR) trispectrum in milling process to indicate the relationship...

Authors: Hong Ling Hou, Yong Qiang Zhao, Yu Hai Peng

Abstract: Twist drill is one of the typical cutting tools, usually used inner conical grinding method to trim and dress .it is presented a method of...

Authors: Chun Yan Zhang, Gui Cheng Wang, Hong Jie Pei, Chun Gen Shen

Abstract: In Minimum Quantity Lubrication machining, cutting fluid is provided as mist. Mist with different velocity and diameter may lead to...

Authors: Xue Hui Shen, Jian Hua Zhang, Tian Jin Yin, Chun Jie Dong

Abstract: The applications of micro end milling have been gradually broadened to meet the ever-increasing demands for micro parts. In micro milling,...


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