Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Wang, Hui Yu, Wei Wu Zhong

Abstract: The monitoring of hard dry milling process is a key issue for ensuring better use of machine-tool capability,Finding a appropriate sensor...

Authors: Xin Yu Song, Jun Zhao

Abstract: TiAlN/TiN multilayer PVD coated carbide is one of the dominant tool materials for the milling applications of Inconel 718 due to its high...

Authors: Zheng Mei Zhang, Jin Sheng Zhang, Sheng Gao, Cheng Rui Lu, Chun Ying Zheng

Abstract: Based on orthogonal experiment design, a study on the one-fourth arc special-shaped surface of Lord Red granite was conducted, the...

Authors: Hong Hai Xu, Qian Xu, Dong Liu

Abstract: High-temperature alloy GH536 is a difficult-to-cut material. The paper finished milling experiment of GH536 with cemented carbide tool based...

Authors: Zhi An Tang, Chang Yi Liu, Jun Jie Yi

Abstract: In this paper Finite Element Methods (FEM) were used to simulate the ultrasonic vibration Orthogonal cutting of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V....

Authors: Zhi Dong Hu, Ji Hai Jiang

Abstract: Power chuck is an important component for machine tool. In order to solve the existing problem of oil-allocating for rotating hydraulic...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Yu Hou Wu

Abstract: A high speed experimental numerical control grinding system based on PMAC-PC was designed, realized machining and measurement integration....

Authors: Jun Xue Ren, Bi Qi Yang, Yong Shou Liang, Wei Jun Tian, Chang Feng Yao

Abstract: Precision machining of thin-walled complex components has been a serious challenge, and the machining errors are mainly due to cutting force...

Authors: Hui Rong Xu, Shao Chun Sui, Xiao Hong Wang, Yong Nian Yan, Ren Ji Zhang

Abstract: Bioreactor technology is a branched research area of tissue engineering. Dynamic culture environment mimicking in vivo pulsatile conditions...

Authors: Wen Ge Wu, M.X. Huang, W.T. Mei

Abstract: Reversible cutting method is a new research thesis proposed to shorten processing route, decrease tool number and handling time, increase...


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