Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Guo Wu, Gui Cheng Wang, Chun Gen Shen

Abstract: In this work, the prediction and analysis of cutting forces in precision turning operations is presented. The model of cutting forces is...

Authors: Zheng Lei, Wei Min Zuo, Bao Fu Feng, Jun Tan Yuan

Abstract: Drilling process of the ceramic composite component (ceramics/FRP/aluminum alloy), as an example of similar ceramics/FRP laminate composite...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Xin Chen, Ji Yun Li

Abstract: A set of horizontal ultrasonic vibration deep-hole honing device is designed and developed, for honing the workpieces which diameter are...

Authors: Wen Long Song, Jian Xin Deng, Pei Yan, Z. Wu

Abstract: Four micro-holes were fabricated on the tool-chip contact area of the cemented carbide (WC+14%TiC+6%Co) tool face. MoS2 solid lubricants...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Wu, S.H. Wang, Xin Li Tian, Shu Zhang

Abstract: Three cutting tools, YG8, YT15 and YW1, which are different in hardness and toughness, were adopted for deposited materials cutting. From...

Authors: Feng Jiang, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Song Zhang, Yong He

Abstract: Friction coefficient is an important index to evaluate the cooling and lubrication effects. In this study, the orthogonal milling...

Authors: Mohammed Anayet Ullah Patwari, A.K.M. Nurul Amin, Waleed Fekry Faris

Abstract: Experimental investigations have been conducted on the chips and common types of discreteness in the form of serrated saw teeth (primary or...

Authors: Ji Bo Li, Ding Hua Zhang, Bao Hai Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a prediction model of flank milling forces in ruled surface impeller machining process with cylindrical, helical, end...

Authors: Rong Yu Ge, Xian Ying Feng, Pei Quan Guo

Abstract: The roller gear cam surface is manufactured with nonequivalent milling method in many cases, by which the machining error is unavoidable. In...

Authors: Yong Ma, Heng Liu, Ke Hong Li, Li Ding Wang

Abstract: The involute cam is used for generating tooth form of an involute gear in gear grinder with involute cam-link stopper, and its profile error...


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