Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alokesh Pramanik, Liang Chi Zhang, Yi Qing Chen

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of tool and workpiece motions on the machining efficiency in the fabrication of hip joint prosthesis. The...

Authors: Jin Tae Kim, Dong Seok Seo, Gab Joong Kim, Jong Kook Lee

Abstract: The inorganic binders, fly ash and meta kaolin were used to prepare geopolymer. Water glass was added to the recycled inorganic binders to...

Authors: Xi Qin Li, Li Kang Yang, Mao Pang, Xia Juan Liang

Abstract: Three methods of injecting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) were tested on an LPG engine. The injection methods were gaseous phase LPG...

Authors: Ying Xu, Yu Bo Dou

Abstract: High temperature fluid slag was used as main material, and high intensity glassed-block was prepared though internal latent heat. The...

Authors: Jun Jun Wang, Yong Ming Wu

Abstract: The materials and combination of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE) are complex and special, so the recycling technological...

Authors: Rui Hai Ji, Hai Qing Du, Xin Liu

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of effectively recycling waste beverage containers, an automatic green recycling technique based on the optical image...

Authors: Jia Long Ren, Xiao Yan Guan

Abstract: Based on the pool film boiling, the paper discusses the heat transfer coefficient of fogdrop jet into cutting zone to cool high temperature...

Authors: Hong Jiang Cui, Pei Ting Sun, Ming Hai Li

Abstract: Air gap membrane distillation experiments of different temperature and mass flow rate of working fluid were done for the use of solar power...

Authors: Yu Lin Cai, Hua Zhang, Ye Feng Liu, Huan Huan Zhao, Jun Yao, Hai Tao Huang

Abstract: Cooling-air grinding is one sustainably alternative processing technology to traditional grinding. In order to study the discipline and...

Authors: Zong Wei Niu, Kai Song, Zhi Yong Li, F.F. Wang

Abstract: Laser cladding is a new developed green manufacturing process. The main process parameters include the power of laser beam, the diameter of...


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