Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhang, Xin Yan He, Xin Li Wei

Abstract: Successful feeding is critical to biomass utilization processes such as pyrolysis. The biomass particles in hopper frequently become bridge...

Authors: Wang Yu Liu, Jia Xing Gong, Xi Feng Liu, Xin Zhang

Abstract: This article explored the design method of the wind turbine blade being of flapping-twist adaptive performance and how to evaluate its...

Authors: Chen Jiang, Yin Biao Guo, Wei Yang, Chun Guang Han, Hai Bin Huang

Abstract: This paper presents a wireless distributed monitoring and system in optical aspheric grinding environment. The architecture of proposed...

Authors: An Fu Guo, Jian Feng Li, Fang Yi Li, Bao Kun Wei, Jian Yong Li

Abstract: The performance and biodegradability of plant fibre and starch dishware (PFSD), pulp model dishware (PMD) and starch plastic dishware (SPD)...

Authors: Ying Liu, Ran Huang, Yan Fei Xu

Abstract: Cleaner process evaluation is an important part of cleaner process design. Through a case study, this paper elaborates the steps and...

Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Fang Yi Li, Jian Feng Li, Li Ming Wang, Xiao Xu Chen

Abstract: Traditionally LCA generally focus on a global scale and on steady-state, linear modeling. How to reflect the varying and complicated...

Authors: Jun Xiang Liu, Qing Bo Yu, Chen Xi Dou, Rong Li

Abstract: Dry granulation, as a new process of molten BF slag treatment, is an attractive alternative to water quenching. The medium in the heat...

Authors: Peng Li, Qin Qin, Qing Bo Yu, Wen Ya Du

Abstract: At present, molten blast furnace slag is quenched rapidly using a large amount of water to produce a glassy-granulated slag without any...

Authors: Xin Li, Lu Fei Zhou, Ming Di Wang, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) is mainly used in Microsystems because of its micro strain. A new kind of clamping device based on area effect...

Authors: Shu Dong Xiu, Zhi Jie Geng

Abstract: In point grinding process, the contact area of point grinding is much smaller than that of conventional cylindrical grinding under same...


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