Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gue Serb Cho, Won Sik Lee, Se Hyun Ko, Seong Ho Son, Chang Woo Lee, Jun Ki Kim

Abstract: Vibration characteristics of 5μm- thick Ni film were investigated with applying acoustic wave to the Ni diaphragm of 2mm x 2mm unit size. In...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Rong Di Han, Tai Li Sun, Qi Dong Li, Xi Chuan Zhang

Abstract: To achieve green machining of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with water steam cooling and lubricating, a 600-800w minitype generator is developed....

Authors: Yong Jun Wang, Zhen Qing Wang, Li Nan Zhu

Abstract: Low temperature plasma made some modifications of pellet materials (activated alumina and haydite) placed between electrodes. It altered the...

Authors: Li Sheng Wei, Ming Jiang, Qi Gong Chen, Min Rui Fei

Abstract: This note investigates H-infinity robust controller design for uncertain multi-variable networked control systems with disturbance. The...

Authors: Yong Ming Wu, Zhou Hui Yang

Abstract: Quality Function Deployment for Environment (QFDE) is an effective eco-design tool to transform the voices of customer and environment into...

Authors: Wei Wu Zhong, Dong Biao Zhao, Xi Wang, Hui Yu

Abstract: Green manufacturing is the theme of manufacturing industry in the 21st century. The environment can be seriously polluted by a large...

Authors: You Xin Luo

Abstract: Based on grey system theory, a novel kind of non-equidistant optimum grey model GM(1,1) with optimizing modified the nth component taken as...

Authors: Jian Hu Cai

Abstract: In this paper, an assembly system with two suppliers and one assembler is introduced, and the supply chain operates under a VMI mode....

Authors: Tao Zhang, Yang Liang, Nan Yao

Abstract: The shear force created by non-uniform loading on the asphalt and concrete surface is the main reason why bridge deck pavement is damaged...

Authors: Ya Bo Luo, Ming Chun Tang

Abstract: Grouping the similar processes is a good approach to improve the manufacturing efficiency, however, which is facing with two difficulties of...


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