Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bing Zhang, You Peng You, Jun He, Jun Liu

Abstract: To enhance the velocity profile’s smoothness and machining efficiency of continuous short line segments, a velocity smooth control algorithm...

Authors: Sheng Wen Zhang, Yang Liu, Xi Feng Fang, Gui Cheng Wang

Abstract: A reasonable process route is important for assuring the product quality and improving the production efficiency. This paper analyzes the...

Authors: Ai Jun Liu, Yu Yang, Xue Dong Liang, Ming Hua Zhu, Hao Yao

Abstract: Production scheduling in semiconductor production line is a complex combinatorial optimization problem. It is featured by reentrant...

Authors: R.L. Hu

Abstract: Research of the new kind of meshing is an important research direction of mechanics and manufacture. At present, we have only few methods....

Authors: Yi Chih Hsieh, Y.C. Lee, Peng Sheng You, Ta Cheng Chen

Abstract: For scheduling problems, no-wait constraint is an important requirement for many industries. As known, the no-wait scheduling problem is...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Wei Wang, Yong Li Lin

Abstract: A discrete event simulation approach based on heuristics is presented to emulate the production process of the bell-type batch annealing in...

Authors: Shi Jin Wang

Abstract: Classical flexible job-shop scheduling problem (FJSP) does not consider the transportation time of jobs movement among different machines,...

Authors: Feng Ying Li, Tian Long Gu, Liang Chang

Abstract: Algorithms based on timed Petri net are competitive for solving the problem of assembly sequence planning (ASP). In order to alleviate the...

Authors: Chao Yong Zhang, Xiao Juan Wang, Liang Gao

Abstract: Flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP) is an extended traditional job shop scheduling problem, which more approximates to real...

Authors: Xuan Du, Zong Bin Li, Guo Hui Zhang

Abstract: The assembly optimization problem of multiple printed circuit board (PCB) tasks is analyzed, and an optimal model is formulated to balance...


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