Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhang Yong Hu, Qiang Su, Jun Liu, Hai Xia Yang

Abstract: A large-scale powder-painting scheduling problem is explored. The purpose is to find out the optimal sequence of a number of batches that...

Authors: Zheng Cai Cao, Fei Qiao, Qi Di Wu

Abstract: Due to the increasing scale of scheduling problems, the study is to explore an effective optimize scheduling approach for the semiconductor...

Authors: Zhi Gao Jiang, Ming Dong, Peng Tian, Dong Yang

Abstract: Semiconductor wafer fabrication factories are characterized by re-entrant flows, dynamic and uncertain environments, strict production...

Authors: Mei Hong Liu, Xiong Feng Peng

Abstract: In this paper, the adaptability of the genetic algorithm (GA) is considered. Two improved adaptive genetic algorithms (AGA) which are called...

Authors: Xu Jing Yang, Guang Yong Sun, Qing Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a new approach to tool path generation in precision machining of parts with sculptured surface. It aims to develop an...

Authors: Hai Long Huang, Fei Liu, Le Cao

Abstract: With the characteristic analysis of manufacturing process in various manufacture enterprises, Model Driven Architecture methodology is...

Authors: Sheng Wen Zhang, T.X. Lan, Xi Feng Fang, W. Jia, C.Q. Yang

Abstract: Tool selection is the important content of CAPP, and a great many influence factors and selection principles must be considered during tool...

Authors: Ai Hua Meng, Ming Fan Li, Jian Jun Zhou, Yu Liang Pan

Abstract: The Big-character printer is a dot-matrix print equipment used in industry field. The print head is the key part of it. Sixteen jet valves...

Authors: Jian Gao, Chuan Wei Li, Ke Tian Li, Ze Xiang Li, Xin Chen

Abstract: The relationship between the process parameters and bonding quality is very complicated due to the features of non-linear and coupling...

Authors: Li Shun Li, Xiang De Meng, Hong Xun Li

Abstract: The stress distribution of an S-shaped micro spring fabricated by the micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) technology was analyzed by the...


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