Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Feng He, Guo Fa Mi, Shuang Shuang He

Abstract: The Z-CAST software was employed to simulate the casting process of gray cast-iron flywheel. Shrinkage was predicted through analyzing the...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Ji Yun Li

Abstract: The vibration characteristics of flexural vibration disk in ultrasonic vibration system are studied through experiments. The results show...

Authors: Xue Dong Liang, Yu Yang, Yan Zhong Wang, Jing Wang, Sheng Yin

Abstract: The reusability and flexibility are essential aspects of logistics simulation for a big rail-beam plant with great demands of highway train...

Authors: Lei Chen

Abstract: 2024-T3 aluminium sheet metal rubber forming process after quenching is studied. The tensile properties of 2024-T3 after quenching are...

Authors: Ming Hai Li, Hong Jiang Cui, Yun Dong Han, Ang Li

Abstract: In order to improve the performance of 16 V280 diesel engine, the three-dimensional numerical models of the flow field in the nozzle which...

Authors: Huai Rui Zhao, Qiang Li, Sheng Wu Wang

Abstract: A method for combining the FEA softwares, I-DEAS and MSC.Marc, with the iSIGHT design platform is presented to optimize die –pressing (DP)...

Authors: Rui Bo Yuan, Chun Geng Sun, Qing Lee, Hai Feng Yang

Abstract: The research works involved in a three freedoms line type pneumatic manipulator. The object is aimed to control of position servo system....

Authors: Liang Bo Ji, Tian Rui Zhou

Abstract: Taking into account temperature-dependent thermal conduction and heat capacity, based in the research on the physical property of the...

Authors: Chuan Min Zhang, Wen Zhi Fu, Xiao Da Li, Ming Zhe Li

Abstract: In this paper, the basic theory of multi-point stretching process was introduced, the process of multi-point stretching of saddle part was...

Authors: Yi Liu, Guo Ding Chen, Ji Shun Li, Yu Jun Xue

Abstract: The main objective of this study was to model and simulate a multi-flexible-body three-dimensional model for researching the Multi – rope...


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